Summer Courses


Summer Courses
Summer Courses

Studying abroad on the summer school is living the dream. New friends, new city, new you. You are not going to change but you discover so much about yourself when you get out of your own world.
Summer schools mostly operate during the months of June, July and August. The main focus of these programmes is for students to improve their English through fun activities. As well as General English, learners have opportunities to develop English through other disciplines and excursion to museums, galleries and famous historical sites.

All our courses combine English classes with sightseeing, cultural visits, physical exercise and social activities appropriate to the age group. Lessons and activities both provide opportunities for learning and English practice in a happy and secure international environment. High ratios of staff supervision on all outside activities means that children are safe and secure throughout the school day.
Summer School program balances English language teaching with social activities, providing an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect way to get a taster of UK university life!
You will receive between ten and 14 hours of classes per week. The focus is on improving language skills whilst offering an exciting and enjoyable experience in the UK.
Most of the tutors are native speakers and are highly qualified and experienced lecturers in English as a foreign language. They understand the students' needs, whether they wish to prepare for university study or simply wish to improve their English and have fun.

Classes are relaxed and friendly, and generally tutor-led. Many of the tasks set will be done in pairs or groups, enabling students to practise English and to get to know the other group members better.