Visa Process & Extension

Visa Process & Extension

We draft well-researched and strongly argued submissions which address the concerns.
Visa Process & Extension

While sometimes obtaining a visa is as easy as filling out the relevant forms and providing the relevant documents, this is rarely the case.

Many volumes of advisory guidelines and regulations set out the policy arguments for these criteria and the factors which must be considered by a decision-maker. Retaining a professional visa adviser and advocate is vital for avoiding tactical mistakes and portraying your situation in its best light Student Study, Payam avare Elme Nasir, is conversant with all areas of visa law so no option is accidentally left unexplored. We draft well-researched and strongly argued submissions which address the concerns and criteria in relation to your matter.

We endeavor to provide a high quality of assistance and advice which will assist applicants in applying for a student visa to study abroad. As each application for a student visa is subject to different criteria based on their individual country of usual residence, an individualized submission is provided with each application. Furthermore, we provide assistance to students in terms of enrolment and choice of educational institution.

Visa Extension

Extending your student visa should be straightforward, but many discover that the process is not as simple as they think. In most cases, students are refused an extension of their leave to remain because they have failed to comply with the immigration rules.

Common reasons include:
 - Working too many hours
 - Not making satisfactory progress on the course
 - Studying at a ‘non-approved’ educational establishment

If you are an international student on a student visa or with leave (permission to stay) to study in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany or Malaysia you can apply to extend your visa subject to meeting the immigration rules.
We are ready to assist you free of charge in order to apply for an extension to stay to study.
For more information about our services, or if you need help regarding your visa extension, don’t hesitate to contact us.