University of Bradford

University of Bradford

University of Bradford
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Cost Of Living

£700-£1000 per month

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£20 m


The University of Bradford was first founded in 1832 and received its own royal charter in 1963 as the 40th university which has been created in Britain. It has a great focus on researches which made its rank between 50th best universities in UK in terms of researches. The University of Bradford has great passion in arts which were came from different aspects most likely because of its modern buildings which make it a glass plate university. Moreover, it is the world first UNESCO city of film. In addition, in 1973 a department of peace studies were established in this university which made it the world’s largest university’s center for peace and conflict’s studies. The University of Bradford has many facilities which can help students to increase their lives’ quality. It has many options for accommodation like The Green Village which has a great respect to the environment and sustainable features. Moreover, it has many sport facilities and student’s societies to attract students with different needs. Also, the university has a great supportive environment for student. Living in Bradford can give a great opportunity to students to afford their expenses with a reasonable price which is 700 to 1000 pounds per month. Student satisfaction’s rate is 78% which is quite acceptable for this university. Studying in The University of Bradford is a great opportunity for each students who like to follow their goals and enjoy their lives at a same time.

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