The Postgraduate Route Visa UK

International students are encouraged to apply through the UK’s Postgraduate Route to remain in the UK after graduation to work or look for work. Students from other countries who have finished their studies in the United Kingdom with a bachelor’s or master’s degree and have a good academic record are eligible to apply for post-graduation residency for up to two years. Ph.D. recipients have the opportunity to apply for an extended stay of up to three years.

Students from other countries who have completed their education and are interested in pursuing careers in the UK should seize this wonderful opportunity.

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Who is qualified to submit an application?

International students who have completed a degree at an undergraduate level or above at a higher education provider that has a track record of compliance and who have a valid Tier 4 or Student visa at the time of application are eligible to apply through the Graduate route.

You will need to have finished your entire course as a student in the United Kingdom, with the exception of any permitted study abroad programs or remote study due to COVID-19, for which certain concessions and exemptions have been agreed upon. This is a requirement.

The route does not require you to show funds or finance, and you do not need to demonstrate English language ability when you apply. This is because you will already have proven your ability to communicate effectively in English by completing your degree at a UK university with a high grade.

You must have completed the qualification that was named on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) associated with your Student (or Tier 4) visa, or following a change, of course, that was allowed without applying for further permission. Alternatively, you may have completed the qualification that was named on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) associated with your Work (or Tier 5) visa.

 The Postgraduate Route Visa UK conditions

When should I apply for the Postgraduate Route Visa UK?

After receiving your final course results, you can apply for the Graduate route. Before we consider your application, your university must confirm that you completed your course. Applying doesn’t require graduation.

Apply in the UK. Those who apply from outside the UK will be rejected, denied entry, and may lose their Graduate route eligibility. Application fees aren’t refundable. While waiting for a decision on your application, don’t leave the UK or EEA. Doing so may affect your Graduate route eligibility and prevent you from re-entering the UK. If your visa expires after applying to the Graduate route, you can stay in the UK while your application is processed.

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How do I apply for the Postgraduate Route Visa UK?

The application process will be different from your first UK application.
The process will be digital for most applicants, and if you’re approved, you’ll get an Visa. Create a UK Visas and Immigration account on GOV.UK and use the ‘UK Immigration ID Check’ app to verify your identity.

To do this, you’ll need your Biometric Residence Card or Permit (BRC/P) if you were granted a Student (or Tier 4) visa, or if you’re an EU, EEA, or Swiss national, you can use your biometric passport. You’ll get an Visa after applying. If you’re from one of the countries listed on GOV. The UK, you’ll get a BRP for entering and leaving the UK.

The free app works on Android and iPhone 7 is and newer. If you don’t have a compatible phone, you can use a friend’s. Closed apps and phones don’t store data.

Those who can’t use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app must visit a UK Visas and Citizenship Application Services center (UKVCAS). When you apply, you’ll receive instructions.

For this route, you’ll need the CAS number from your current Student (or Tier 4) visa. CAS numbers are available from universities. Use your existing CAS to apply.

apply for the Postgraduate Route Visa UK

UK travel

If you’re a citizen of any of the countries listed on GOV.UK, you should always carry your current BRP when travelling. You may be asked to show it at the UK border.
Information will be checked digitally at the UK border, and those with a UKVI account won’t need to prove their status. To avoid delays at the border, register your travel document. If you plan to travel with a different document than the one you applied with, update your details (for example, a new passport).

When you use the update details service to tell us about a new document, your old document will remain linked to your account. If both are valid, you can travel with either. If you’ve told us about a new document but haven’t received confirmation that your account has been updated, bring your old document.

What are the Postgraduate Route Visa UK conditions?

Under the Graduate route, you can do extra study, but not with a student sponsor or at a state school.
No new dependents are allowed. Dependents already in the UK as Student dependants can apply as Graduate dependants at the same time.
The graduate route is non-extendable and doesn’t count toward settlement. If you find work, you can switch from the Graduate route to others.

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Can I change my path to become a skilled worker instead?

You may be able to switch from the Postgraduate Route Visa UK to the Skilled Worker route if you meet the relevant requirements. This route will allow you to remain in the UK to work an eligible job for an approved employer while you are granted permanent residency. It is for a period of up to five years and contributes to settlement rights, which means that you may be eligible to apply to live in the UK permanently if you do well during that time. The Graduate route is disregarded in terms of determining settlement rights.

You must be able to demonstrate the following things to be eligible for the Skilled Worker route:

  • You have a job offer from a Home Office-licensed sponsor at the required skill level
  • You will be paid the relevant minimum salary threshold by your sponsor (normally £25,600 or the going rate for that particular job, whichever is higher); and if you meet all of these requirements, then you may be eligible for a visa.
  • You have a level of English proficiency equivalent to B1, which is the intermediate level (on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages).
Become a skilled worker instead

Where can I get more information about the Postgraduate Route Visa UK?

Visit GOV.UK to acquire additional knowledge concerning the Postgraduate Route Visa UK. You can also view the Graduate Route guide (PDF, 1.5MB) published by the government of the UK for additional information on how to apply.
GOV. UK Website:

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