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“We are sitting side by side cause your dream is ours. Just Don’t forget to send us your selfie before flying!”
Mohsen Bagheri Mohsen Bagheri

I have been living and studying in the UK for 9 years and the first time I came was with Pen Students. Mr Barani and his colleagues are very kind and honest as they are always available to help and give advise to each individual. At the moment, I just graduated from Brunel University London with a Computer Science bachelors degree. The next step for me is to apply for jobs related to my field.
I’d highly recommend Pen Students 🙂

Sadaf Babakhani Sadaf Babakhani

Pen Students were very helpful and super supportive with my application as they literally did everything from A to Z for me, and I was able to attain the UK visa that I couldn’t get easily before. To study and graduate from UAL was a dream come true for me and although I had received the offer from the UAL university myself back in 2015, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr.Barani’s help and efforts to attain my student visa.
Thank you very much for all your help and continuous support

Amirmohammad Ghoreishi Amirmohammad Ghoreishi

Obviously it is hard to live alone in another country with different cultures and language when you are in a youn age. However Pen students is an agent or it is best to say a group of kind people to help you from A to Z to make sure everything is satisfying.
I have been living in the UK for past 5 years and without any doubt I would say Pen student are trying their best to do whatever they can in order to see my improvement.
Amirmohammad Ghoreishi
Student at Brunel University

Anahita Rezaeian Anahita Rezaeian

The pleasure is all mine that I met MR Barani and his team. Mr Branis’ team is extremely patient and tenacious and they persisted in my process. Moreover, they were available all the time and they helped me to achieve my vital goal. I highly recommend pen students. Actually, don’t be disheartened by failure causes success is waiting for you.

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