Why Montréal is preeminent student city in North America?

Approximately 185,000 students, including 25,000 international students from 150 nations, call Montréal their home each year. Students are an active element of Montréal’s population, lining up early for cultural events, bicycling the city’s extensive network of cycle paths, and studying in cafés.12 reasons know why Montréal is preeminent student city in North America.

The UK-based Quacquarelli Symonds education group poll, which ranks cities based on criteria ranging from class satisfaction to cultural environment, ranked Montréal as the top student city in North America for the second consecutive year. Here are some of the reasons why students in Montréal receive such high grades.

An inexpensive city

Greater Montréal, with a population of approximately 4.3 million, distinguishes out for its inexpensive cost of living. In reality, housing is twice as affordable as in many North American and European metropolitan areas. Therefore, the cost of housing is relatively favourable for students who want to study in Montréal.

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Campuses in the centre of everything

Greater Montréal is an easily navigable, human-scale city with something for everyone. Families, professionals, and students may all find a suitable neighbourhood in Montréal due to the city’s diversity and unique character. From the historic district of Old Montréal to Little Italy, you will observe that each neighbourhood has a distinct look and feel, making Montréal such a diverse city.

Instead of retaining university campuses on the outside of the city, Montréal’s four major universities are all located either in the city centre or within a 10-minute Metro trip. And few cities can boast four such prestigious centres of higher education, with the English-language McGill (ranked by QS as the 32nd best university in the world and second in Canada, and even dubbed “the Harvard of Canada” by The Simpsons) and Concordia, side-by-side with the French-language Université du Québec à Montréal and Université de Montréal (ranked 130th in the world and fifth in Canada) in the same urban area.

Montréal is preeminent student city
Montréal is preeminent student city

Food, celebrations, and four enjoyable seasons

From lit winter festivals of art, gastronomy, and outdoor sports to worldwide rhythms and circus performances in the sweltering summer, festivals and large events are fundamental to Montréal’s way of life. Spring, summer, fall, and winter all include an abundance of free seasonal events that keep students in Montréal energised and inspired. And then there’s the cuisine: Montréal’s gourmet international culinary scene offers something for every taste, including home-style dishes.

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Music, nightlife, and theatre for everyone

With a world-renowned indie music scene, Montréal is home to a number of fantastic venues where you can see live performances by the city’s and beyond’s most promising newcomers. If there is one thing that students enjoy more than anything else, it is the bragging privileges of having seen someone before anyone else.

The city’s larger venues inspire some of the most memorable performances by bigger acts, which always include Montréal on their tours. Every night of the week, there are sufficient options for students who wish to experience the nightlife or get their groove on. The local theatre culture is diverse in both English and French, with numerous production groups giving student discounts on tickets.

Montréal is preeminent student city
Campuses in the centre of everything

Festivals and events in Montréal for all

Festivals and large-scale events are fundamental to life in Montréal. Jazz, comedy, avant-garde dance, poutine — name a season, art form, or local delicacy, and Montréal will have a festival for it. From lit winter festivals of art, food, and outdoor sports to foreign rhythms and circus performances in the sweltering summer, the city’s festivals and special events bring people and tourists together in the spirit of celebration. Relaxing beneath the sun or in the plush comfort of a theatre seat, festivalgoers and artists from all walks of life create Montréal’s genuinely distinctive festival atmosphere.

There are few places as conducive to study as Montréal; in addition to a vibrant teahouse culture and an abundance of independent coffee shops and cafés to suit every taste, there are some of the best co-working spaces in the world (and Forbes Magazine agrees). When it’s time to hit the books – in certain cases, literally – students also enjoy Montréal’s bookstores and libraries.

With this information in mind, it does not require a Ph.D. to comprehend the city’s ranking for student living. However, if you are interested, Montréal is the greatest city in North America to acquire one.

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How much does a home cost in Montreal?

The cost per square metre for a downtown condo in the city is roughly $8,595. In the suburbs of Montreal, however, you can expect to pay approximately $4,690 per square metre for a condominium.
Compared to various national norms, the price of a home in Montreal is more affordable, albeit still not inexpensive. The average cost of a home in the city is approximately $587,000.
When determining what you can afford to purchase, you need also factor in homeowner’s insurance, yearly upkeep, and property taxes.

Children’s services

A private childcare facility, such as a daycare or preschool, will cost approximately $900 per month for one child.
However, if you decide to hire a full-time nanny, your monthly child care costs would likely increase to over $1,900.

Education، Montréal is preeminent student city

Depending on the institution to which you wish to send your child or children, the cost of education in Montreal can vary significantly. Although all public schools in Canada are free to Canadian residents, there is no predetermined tuition rate for private institutions.
For instance, the average annual tuition for Montreal Our Kids private schools is $19,675.

Recreation and Health

If you enjoy going to the gym, to athletic events, and to the movies, you should include the expense of these activities in your monthly budget. Monthly costs associated with these types of expenses are summarised below.

In Montreal, a monthly fitness club membership costs approximately $45 per month. On the other hand, movie tickets cost an average of $16 per person.

Depending on the game or event, fans can expect to pay anything from $20 to well over $100 per ticket. For instance, the average Montreal Canadiens game costs approximately $103, whereas the average Alouettes game costs approximately $78. The average price of admission for a CF Montreal soccer game is $37.

If you had a gym membership, saw one movie every month, and attended one sporting event per month, you would spend an average of $135 a month.

Montréal is preeminent student city
Recreation and Health


The monthly cost of food will depend on how frequently you go out or order in versus prepare meals at home.
You are expected to spend anything between $13 to $45 per person at a mid-range restaurant in Montreal for your food expenses. In addition to the aforementioned costs, your monthly shopping bill will likely be just under $400. This is based on the assumption that you purchase critical food items such as cheese and milk during each shopping trip and that you purchase groceries weekly.


Whether you plan to use public transportation or your own vehicle to get around Montreal can have a significant impact on your budget.

A monthly pass for the public transportation system in Montreal costs $90.50. This fee is rather inexpensive compared to the purchase of a new Volkswagen Golf or comparable vehicle, which would be roughly $30,000. Not included are the costs of maintenance, insurance, gas, and parking.


Typical costs paid by utilities include internet, cable, heating, and electrical services. Below are the average monthly costs for the following in Montreal:

  • Cell phone prepaid talk time: $0.49 per minute (no plan)
  • $62 for Internet and cable
  • $108 for electricity and heating
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